07 May 2012

Skyline Ridge

On March 16, I tagged along with 3 boys to Skyline Ridge and got in about 4,500 feet of skiing. For me, that's a good day (although most boys will say they'd like about 7,000 feet at least).

Skyline Ridge, also known as Heather Ridge, is off of Hwy 2, which goes through awesome towns like Sultan, Start Up, and Gold Bar, Washington. Since I was with 3 hungry men, we stopped en route at the Sultan Bakery where I ordered a breakfast sandwich. Sounds innocuous enough, right? Well, I knew I was wrong when they asked if I'd like mayo on it....yeah....no thank you. Actually to be fair I had been forewarned about the size and sheer awesomeness of the food at the bakery, but nothing prepared me for this:

My nemesis

A sandwich the size of a large styrophome basket! The breakfast sandwich comes complete with very thick bread, a sausage patty bigger than your face, 2 slices of plastic American cheese, and at least 3 eggs overeasy. Yum?

Did I eat it? HELL YES (full disclosure, I only ate about 60%). Was it delicious, greasy goodness? Absolutely. It was the perfect hangover food (not that I was hungover)  However it did put me in a food coma - so much so that I had to take an emergency siesta for the rest of the car ride to the mountain.

For more reading on the Sultan Bakery - check out this amusing blog post!

Okay, on to the point: skiing! We got up to Skyline ridge and the boys broke trail through amazing, deep snow. I don't know how I got so lucky, but this was another great day in the backcountry! Here are some pictures taken by the talented Chris Parks.

Heading up to the ridge, you can see the deep snow, I'm 2nd in line, Imran breaking trail

Stump Cornices at the top

Chris uses a trick where he takes a picture through his sunnies - I am going to borrow it!

As you can see, it was another nice day outside (there was even sun!) with some blower tracks! Have I mentioned I *LOVE* skiing?

Last tracks of the day - still freshies!

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Allison Lee said...

haha you wrote, "does a beer poop in the woods?" i thought, "hmm ive never thought to ask that before..."