22 May 2012

Kendall Lakes

On March 23 I ventured out into the Kendall Lakes area with my buddies Anne and James. Kendall Lakes are near Snoqualmie Summit along the I-90 corridor and we had some great views of the surrounding hills on the clear, sunny day!

Summit at Snoqualmie

I still can't get over the amazing scenes that appear as if from nowhere when you're on skis. It's like all the sudden, BAM - gorgeous explosion right before your eyes! I'm so glad I stayed in Seattle, because the Cascades just have so many nooks and crannies waiting to be explored.

James taking it all in
Our day involved a lot more touring than skiing, but it was still a great workout and fun to be out in the sunshine.The snow was pretty deep, and we created quite the rut skiing up through some old tracks. It was also warm, so avy danger was increasing throughout the day.

Ski Tracks - you always know they go up by the pole marks along side

We made one lap breaking trail (mostly James) the whole way up, and we were hoping to take some laps, but alas snowshoers followed us and decimated our skin track. Note to snow shoe travelers - we love you and we're glad you're outside, but seriously don't follow ski tracks, it ruins them and then we have to make new ski tracks and that is not very neighborly. Nonetheless, the one run through this untracked pow was pretty darn fun!

Kendal Lakes Area

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