13 April 2012

Australian Rappel

An Australian Rappel is when you rappel down a rock face with the belay device in your back belay loop, vs. your front belay loop*. Instead of lowering yourself with your back to the ground, you are going face first.

I learned how to rig this up a few years ago and, on the one-month countdown to my birthday, I thought I'd share this newly found "demonstration" video at Infinite Bliss, a 23 pitch 5.5-10c sport climb on Mt. Garfield. We didn't top out that day, but we sure did have a fun time rappelling down!


And yes, I do realise my Ozzie accent is terrible in this video, but two years later it really is MUCH improved! No, REALLY!

*Disclaimer: Not all harnesses come with a rear belay loop. DO NOT try this unless you are with an experienced professional and you have guaranteed that your harness has a safety rated rear belay loop.

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Filmed by JB adventure