28 March 2012

Speaking of Mileage

Speaking of Mileage - my car isn't the only travel mechanism getting on in years....My beloved Merrell Glove's, which have been with me since my first half marathon, are nearing retirement. It's only a guesstimate, but I would say they have about 1200 miles on them. I got them early last year, and in the past three months I've already run nearly 200 miles. For people who wear regular (read: lame) running shoes, over a thousand miles would be ancient for shoes, but for us barefooters, that's hardly a reason to replace them.

Mostly, they're just getting worn out: the seams are busting, they're dirty, and, I'm not going to lie to you, they do not smell good. They smell pretty terrible actually, and I have a weak sense of smell.

Oldies but goodies - and stinky!

I did a little shopping today and have shiny new Merrell's! Let's see how long I can keep them clean. And apparently I need new socks too! Good thing I've got a punch card to buy fun socks!


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