17 March 2012

The Dramatic Conclusion: Boulder vs. Seattle

Thanks for all of your comments, support, and encouragement as I make this major life decision! While it was a little fun to keep you all in suspense, I am sorry I didn't get this post up yesterday as promised. I was out having a blast backcountry skiing  in the sunshine. I got a sunburn!

Nothing better than fresh tracks (photo from Mt. Baker in Feb - pics from yesterday to come)

To start where I left off, I wrote my last blog, then spent a week counting down until the big trip. During that time I gave a lot of thought to the SST offer, and what it would mean for me to stay in Seattle. I thought a lot about what it was that sparked my desire to move in the first place and I realized it was the desire for change. Could I make enough 'change' for myself if I stayed in Seattle be happy?

Then it was time to fly to Boulder, where I had 3-excellent days with the Boulder PR/Marketing firm. I spent two full days in their office meeting with different staff members, and they took me to a morning coffee industry event, where I was blown away by the caliber of young people doing amazing things. I had no idea that Boulder was such a burgeoning town for start up entrepreneurs, especially in the technology industry!

Grandpa Max INSISTED I get a car to match his shirt. He's so needy!
While in Boulder I enjoyed 70 degree weather under sunny skies. A girl could get used to that! I also liked that one beer put me under (thank you elevation - that's an effect that sadly won't last) and it's really fantastic having the mountains in your backyard. And without even trying, I met two people who climbed and skied - what more could I want?

Office conference room with a view, and Grandpa Max
Sunrise Day 3

While in Boulder I also took some time to explore. I went running, ate at the famous Illegal Pete's, and even checked out an apartment and drove through different neighbourhoods to get a feel for the lay of the land. It's amazing how easy Boulder is to navigate!

Before I knew it I was on an airplane home. Those of you who know me well are aware that I suffer from movement induced narcolepsy - put me in a moving vehicle and I pass right out. This phenomena is no different on airplanes, so no sooner had we taken off then I was asleep: head down on the tray table.

About an hour into the flight I was literally THROWN awake by very bad turbulence. I then suffered through about 15 of the scariest minutes of my life. At one point, the plane took a sharp dive to the right, and I really thought we were done for. All I kept thinking is. "I'm going to die and I don't even know what I want to do with my life!"

The calm after the storm

Once the turbulence abated, I started writing. I wrote pages and pages and pages. I made lists. Boulder vs. Seattle, which is better? By the time I landed I had made a decision, but I wanted to sleep on it just to be sure. When I woke up on Wednesday morning, I knew.

What swayed me one way or the other? There was no ONE deciding factor, just an overall assessment of my life, what I wanted, and where I see myself in the next few years. Trying to decide between SST and Boulder before actually visiting Boulder in a real job-interview related capacity was simply impossible. When I finally had all of the information, I felt I could close the book on Boulder and decide if I wanted to read the next book in the Boulder series.

Okay, enough analogies already. I'll TELL you!






On Wednesday I accepted a job as the Senior Manager of Marketing Sponsorships for the Seattle Storm! That's right, I'M STAYING IN SEATTLE!

Thank you again everyone for all of your fantastic support! I'm looking forward to continuing my life here. But don't worry lots of changes to come too! The new job is obviously number 1, but I also want to find a new place to call home, climb a couple of volcanoes, and take a sunny climbing vacation! I'm really looking forward to making a new life here!

Flying into Seattle with snow on the ground in March? I love it!


ceebs said...

We are very happy to keep you! Let the adventures continue!

Allison Lee said...

excellent decision. seattle wouldn't be the same with out you Kristina.

Erin Williams said...

SO HAPPY to read this just now!!!!