05 February 2012

Stunning Seattle

For the last few days, Seattle has been absolutely stunning. It's been unseasonably warm and that giant white ball in the sky that brings us heat has been out in full glory. Plus the air is very clear, affording us fantastic views of both mountain ranges. My friend Erica put it best when she said, "I love days when the Olympics are having a beauty contest with the Cascades!"

I've been taking some photos to document the amazing weather - here are my faves:

Iconic view of downtown from Kerry Park, Friday Feb 3

View of the Olympics from Marshall Park, just down the street from Kerry Park

Bike ride to Alki with Luna, Olympics in the background, Saturday Feb. 4

View of Seattle from Alki on Saturday. Love the clouds!

Looking over Queen Anne Hill from Alki - Mt. Baker was out in full force too!

Rainier on Sunday morning, Feb 5

Amazing sunrise at Gasworks Park, Sunday Feb 5

More sunrise action

Queen Anne looks good in the morning

The Olympics poking out under the 99 bridge. I don't have any special filters, it was really this pink!

These are the types of days that remind us all why we live in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe I don't want to leave after all....

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Jared said...

As pretty as all the pics are, I think the thing I like seeing best is that last sentence.