07 February 2012

Radical Rainbow Painting n Wigs

You might think from the title of this blog that I recently painted radical rainbows while wearing a (rainbow?) wig. You would be clever, but you would also be wrong. This blog is indeed about painting, and wigs, and rainbows, just not all together. 

The lovely Miss Jamie recently moved into a new condo, and we had a painting party to help her make it into a home:

Allison, Amazon Squirrel Hunter
The kiddos lent us a hand
Then we lent each other a hand - so glad I saved those overalls from HIGH SCHOOL!
Before the painting party, we celebrated Allison's Birth Anniversary with her 2nd Annual Wig Crawl - we had over 40 people the first year, and I'm pretty close we had nearly 60 people this time!

All of the peeps we could fit into one picture- check out those radical wigs!
Photo Bomb!
Happy Birthday Miss Allison

And finally, just last weekend we rented a cabin and while we were out snowshoeing, we realized we could take yet ANOTHER rainbow picture

It's like we planned this or something, but no, we're just this awesome
It's been a fantastic few months - I can't wait to see what new adventures are heading my way!

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Nicole Hammond said...

i love the rainbow coats photo! you guys ARE just that awesome!