16 February 2012


Having a bad day? This is sure to cheer you up!

10 February 2012

What is progress?

I recently watched the movie 180° South, an documentary by Jeff Johnson, a climber/surfer who sets off to retrace the trip of Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins (Chouinard founded the clothing empire Patagonia) to Patagonia (the actual place, in Chile, not the store, [just want to be sure there isn't any confusion]).

I am not a person who watches many movies, but I'm sure you can all understand why this sounded interesting to me. While I was mostly unimpressed with the documentary (the description is misleading - the documentary is more about "sweeping landscape views" and "pushing environmentalism" than climbing), there was one quote at the end which really spoke to me.

In keeping with my love for fantastic photos paired with quotes, I made this (thanks Dominic Kamp Photography):

Here's the quote again:
“In response to people saying “you can’t go back,” I say, “Well what happens if you get to the cliff and you take one step forward? Or, do you do a 180° turn and take one step forward?” Which way are you going? Which way is progress? The solution to many of the world’s problems is to turn around and take a step forward. You can’t keep going trying to make a flawed system work.”
-Doug Tompkins
A perspective worth remembering, for sure.

08 February 2012

Quick Favor

I submitted a photo to a contest hosted by The Access Fund, a non-profit national advocacy organization that keeps US climbing ares open, to win free gear from Prana. Voting is open through Friday and I need your vote!

Please click here to access the photo and 'like' it to help me win! Thanks so much! 

07 February 2012

Radical Rainbow Painting n Wigs

You might think from the title of this blog that I recently painted radical rainbows while wearing a (rainbow?) wig. You would be clever, but you would also be wrong. This blog is indeed about painting, and wigs, and rainbows, just not all together. 

The lovely Miss Jamie recently moved into a new condo, and we had a painting party to help her make it into a home:

Allison, Amazon Squirrel Hunter
The kiddos lent us a hand
Then we lent each other a hand - so glad I saved those overalls from HIGH SCHOOL!
Before the painting party, we celebrated Allison's Birth Anniversary with her 2nd Annual Wig Crawl - we had over 40 people the first year, and I'm pretty close we had nearly 60 people this time!

All of the peeps we could fit into one picture- check out those radical wigs!
Photo Bomb!
Happy Birthday Miss Allison

And finally, just last weekend we rented a cabin and while we were out snowshoeing, we realized we could take yet ANOTHER rainbow picture

It's like we planned this or something, but no, we're just this awesome
It's been a fantastic few months - I can't wait to see what new adventures are heading my way!

05 February 2012

Stunning Seattle

For the last few days, Seattle has been absolutely stunning. It's been unseasonably warm and that giant white ball in the sky that brings us heat has been out in full glory. Plus the air is very clear, affording us fantastic views of both mountain ranges. My friend Erica put it best when she said, "I love days when the Olympics are having a beauty contest with the Cascades!"

I've been taking some photos to document the amazing weather - here are my faves:

Iconic view of downtown from Kerry Park, Friday Feb 3

View of the Olympics from Marshall Park, just down the street from Kerry Park

Bike ride to Alki with Luna, Olympics in the background, Saturday Feb. 4

View of Seattle from Alki on Saturday. Love the clouds!

Looking over Queen Anne Hill from Alki - Mt. Baker was out in full force too!

Rainier on Sunday morning, Feb 5

Amazing sunrise at Gasworks Park, Sunday Feb 5

More sunrise action

Queen Anne looks good in the morning

The Olympics poking out under the 99 bridge. I don't have any special filters, it was really this pink!

These are the types of days that remind us all why we live in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe I don't want to leave after all....