18 January 2012

Snow Day!

Seattle has made national news this week for Snowpocolypse 2012. People are making videos about the ridiculous things people say in the NW say when it snows, and of course we can't forget this video from the great snowstorm of 2009. It's true, Seattle people really can't drive in the snow!

I, for one, LOVE the snow! If it snowed here in the winter I would have much less desire to move away. But, because it snows so infrequently, Seattle basically shuts down when it even looks like it might snow. It did snow overnight, I woke up to about 2" at my house this morning. Here's a look!

I worked from home today, but took a long lunch break to head to gasworks park and play in the snow. En route I had to buy a sled of course! I saw lots of other people out and about:
Cross Country Skiers
Man riding a shopping cart down the street - Why Not?
 Once the sleds were acquired, we set off to find a wicked hill to ride on!
My cohorts, Allison, Dave, and Kessler
We arrived at Gasworks to find lots of other sledders - mostly adults, not even that many kiddos! We had a great time!
Gasworks covered in snow!
Look at all those people! There's a couch over there somewhere, wish I had seen THAT ridden down the hill!
Getting my saucer on!
And I didn't die OR get a black eye!
Saber war
Thanks for the great Snow Day to all of my partners in crime, and thank you mostly to Seattle. You look good in white!

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Don't forget waking me up from my delicious nap!