31 January 2012

The Tale of Tinny The Tinman - a Mascot Adventure

Over the weekend The Group rented a cabin in beautiful Winthrop, WA. It really is a quant, fun little town, especially when it's all covered in snow - have a look! 

Downtown Winthrop - yup that's all of it!
Best advertising ever. Healing Ointment for man AND beast!
While I was packing, I made a grave error - I forgot to bring along Grandpa Max!!! Hey, don't get mad at me! Sometimes he forgets to speak up when I'm packing, and he gets left behind - it's really his own fault! Luckily for everyone, when we arrived at the (freezing) cabin we found a happy little mascot waiting for us!

 Tinny the Tinman complete with a little red heart.

We had a fantastically great time with Tinny - he participated in all sorts of adventures! Including (but not limited to):

Futon Relocation to optimize sleeping comfort
Reading about and plotting a way to get into the Guiness Book of World Records
Cuddling (as big spoon, of course)

A troublemaker at heart, Tinny also let loose a little - one could say he got very liberal with his oil can.

Wine Drinking
Beer Guzzling
Succumbing to peer pressure
Passing out on perilous ledges
Let the lessons of Tinny the Tinman be learned by all: a weekend with The Group is not something to be taken lightly. You better bring your A-game, your dancing shoes, and your drinking pants. I think in this case Grandpa Max was more than happy to enjoy a quiet weekend alone in my apartment.

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