02 January 2012

The Breakup and a Happy New Year

I should have known better than to post about the budding relationship between me and my live-in apartment mascot. It's like he can read or something, because no sooner had I posted about Stanley then he abandoned me. That's right. Stanley the Speider has moved out. I don't know what happened, and I may never know...but I'll continue to hope that he's safe and that he finds happiness someday (maybe with a more suitable partner).

Don't get me wrong, I was definitely completely inconsolable for about 10 minutes, but I've gotten over it...moved on....found other apartment mascots and various distractions.

Speaking of which, for Christmas and New Years I celebrated by skiing in Whistler, puddle jumping on Vancouver Island, and wearing my prom-dress best to a Masquerade Party (yup! crossed another theme party off the list!):

Top of Whistler Peak - the weather wasn't super sunny, but the snow was still spectacular
Grandpa Max at the Pacific Ocean - gorgeous
High School Homecoming dress! Gotta love my growing 'costume closet'
Lovely Ladies in Red
A little taste of the ridiculousness
Happy 2012 Everyone!  Keep your eyes peeled for my 2011 year in review blog.  You know you're excited!

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