09 January 2012

2011 Year in Review

A few years ago I started making a list of things that I wanted to accomplish each year. My list for 2011 consisted of 11 items, of which I'm proud to say I completed 9 of them. I ran my first half marathon (and then two more after that), I took up a new sport (somewhat successfully - I think I like biking more than it likes me), I redecorated my apartment, I spent my birthday doing something that I love (climbing in Smith then Bridesmaids Theme Party), and I traveled to a new international country - HONG KONG! I also led a 10b outside, cleanly top-roped a 11c inside AND was promoted at work! 

Smith Rock - My Happy Place
Cycling a Love/Hurt relationship
Tai O, a lovely stilt town outside of Hong Kong
The largest seated, bronze statue in the world
HK all lit up - view from Victoria Peak
Leading in Mazama, another one of my happy places
To top it all off, I way surpassed my goal of reading 13 books by putting back an astounding 22 novels and non-fiction works. The top 5:
All in all, 2011 was a pretty banner year - who cares that I never finished my Tuscany painting? That thing is a beast - who knows when it will be finished?!?!

The Paint-by-Number Epic (you didn't think I was painting this with my own talent, did you?)

Looking ahead, 2012 is shaping up to be another banner year!. I'm really excited about my sunny future. The goals so far:
  • Run at least 10 miles a week (done and done - I've run 19.2 miles the first 8 days of the year) with the goal of hitting 600 miles this year
  • Lead a 10c/d outside, and cleanly top-rope an 12a inside
  • Travel to a new international destination (to maintain my streak starting in 2005)
  • Read 23 books
  • Move to Boulder
That last goal is the most important and significant. You'll be reading more about Boulder in the coming days.

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