08 December 2011

Things that are FUNNER with an Action Figure

Traveling with an Action Figure Mascot really adds an element of fun to pretty much everything.  For example:

Waiting in line?  Not with a AFM - now you're PLAYING in line:
Peace yo
Taking public transportation? Spread out an enjoy!
Two people wanted to sit here, but Grandpa Max laid the smack down
Grandpa Max rides the subway like a champ
Eating?  Drinking!  No, it's called sharing.  Grandpa Max is a hungry little fella.  Exhibit A: The beer belly.
Glass Noodles in Hong Kong
Reading?  Grandpa Max can help!.  He translated many signs (he is Chinese after all, and thus is bilingual and can read Cantonese).
Beware the Shaft
No Livestock!
Grandpa Max is Elderly, so he needed help on the steep footpath
Going on an adventure?  Grandpa Max also enjoys a good thrill!  Here's his first rollercoaster ride!
Grandpa Max!  Arms INSIDE the car
Sightseeing?  Grandpa Max knows all the best spots:
Little guy in a big, big world
Climbing?  Just ask Grandpa Max for beta.  You should see the boulder problem he's working on right now.
Send it!

Once back in the states, the fun with Grandpa Max continued.  He attended a Husky Game where he showed off his mad band choreography skillz, although he failed to find a new purple shirt to wear in time.  Good thing Christmas is just around the corner!
The best adventure so far, however, has been the trip to Boulder.  In a mad genius moment, Allison made Grandpa Max a special hat.  MoMo also got some new appendeges!
Something smells fishy...
Gross and Awesome. Even the people around us were cracking up at this one
Until our next adventure!
Mountain Man

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