04 December 2011

Back in the Saddle: The 4-week Update

You've read about the Epic Bike Header of 2011 and the damage it caused to my face and other body parts.  I've been healing well, but I'm sure you can all understand my hesitance to hop right back in the saddle.

Well, today the wait was over: it was a perfectly cold, sunny day and I wanted to get out riding!  Ironically, today is exactly 4-weeks after my accident, and exactly one year ago (plus a day) from the Epic Faceplant of 2010 in Whistler.  For you math nerds, that means I've had a black eye for 16% of the last 52-weeks - 4 weeks for the face plant, and 3 weeks for the header.  I'm not fully healed, I've still got some small scars and bruising on my eye, but as you can see it's getting better!
I just look tired, only on the left side....
Hoping the scars go away!
For the ride, the fantastic Ms. Allison planned a lovely little route.  I met Allison, Karlyn, and Cora at the Big Dawg at Husky Stadium.  We took some fun pictures and then were off, down to Seward Park, around, and back.  Of course we stopped in Leschi for hot cocoa, but it's not our fault, it was FREEZING out there!
The Bike formerly known as Luna
Wait, we're not riding this?
Double the fun!
Stretch those glutes - at Seward Park!
Basking in the sunshine
Beer Socks!!!!  Fun fact - Karlyn's last name is Beer.  No, I'm serious.
What a gorgeous day!

Thanks for the great ride girlies! And no faceplants!!!

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