20 December 2011

Awkward Family Photos

I have amazing friends in Seattle.  They are my second family, and they will be really hard to leave when I move to Boulder.  One of the many reasons I love them so much is our shared enthusiasm for all things ridiculous! - with extra bonus points when we get to wear costumes (as I have discussed here and here)! 

Last week the lovely Miss Allison had the brainchild to go to Sears and take some Awkward Family Photos to go on even more Awkward Christmas Cards.  We took a bunch, which have all been uploaded to THE FACEBOOK, but here are my favourites!

Misery Loves Company
Look, what's that?  Over there?
Yeah, this is absolutely my favourite.
  We took some cute ones too!
Awwe, The Group is so cute when we're all dressed up!

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