21 November 2011

Thanks Uvex!

After the accident, henceforth known as the Epic Bike Header of 2011 (not to be confused with the Epic Face Plant of 2010), I posted the photo of my bloodied, scuffed-up sunglasses on the Facebook Page of Uvex Sports.  You see, I was wearing Uvex sunnies when I biffed it and I wanted to thank them for saving my eye! 

I was very surprised and happy to later receive a message from Katrin and the Uvex Cycling Team stating their desire to send me a replacement pair.  I should get the new sunnies in a few weeks!

I want to shout a huge thanks to Uvex for their generosity and awesomeness!  It goes without saying that I would 100% recommend Uvex products - and with this kind of excellent customer service they've made a customer for life! Danke!

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