28 October 2011

Not-so-muddy Mud Run - In Costume of course!

Over the summer I got together with my dirtiest friends to participate in The Dirty Dash, one of the many, many 'mud runs' that are becoming all of the rage these days.  As is standard, we had to go in costume!  This time the theme was Goodwill Prom, as mentioned in a previous post!  The theme was of course a hit, and we even WON (well sort of....tied) for best costumes in our heat!  Go team! 
Here are my favourite shots!
The ladies, getting their strut on
Group excellence. 
Notice Brian in the camo dress.  He wins best costume.  And let me tell you, not easy to run in a dress when it gets muddy and heavy! Although, I have to say, this course was not nearly as muddy as it could have been, nor was it the 10k advertised, instead they cut it down to a measly 5k with no notice given to participants.  Good thing we bought it on Groupon!
Our first obstacle - note the lack of mud
Posing middway.  We caked that mud on ourselves.

3/4 of the way through, up and over (again....no mud)

Dirty Girls
Wheeeeeeee!  That's a good way to end a run!
Cheers for giant swamp pits
Victorious Finishers =)
Overall this expereicne was very fun.  How often do you get to drink a beer as part of a running obstacle course?!?!  I'd definitely try it next year, but with MORE MUD!

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