05 October 2011

20 Days!...and a quote...

Twenty days ago I took a break from Facebook.  I just went in and disabled my account - cold turkey. Why?  Mostly becuase I needed less distraction in my life, but also just to prove I could.  People were starting to say, "Oh Kristina, she's always on Facebook."  While I disagree with that statement, I was spending a lot of time on there.  With all of the time I spent 'Facebooking' I felt a bit empty on the inside.  I realised I was missing out on things in my life like making real human connections.

Do I miss being in touch with everyone in one easy, turn-key way?  Sure.  Am I bummed to miss baby announcements, wedding pictures, and event planning?  Definitely.  However, I do not miss the drama, the anxiety of being 'caught up' with everyone's life, the pressure to be a certain way in my online life.  And frankly, everyone who's really important to me is in touch - Facebook or no.

Originally my plan was to take 40 days off.  That makes today the halfway point.  In thinking about it though, I might just make this a permanent change.  Things feel quieter and calmer without Facebook in my FACE all the time.

At the very least I will have a completely new perspective if and when I do decide to go back.  In the meantime I'm enjoying my time connecting with friends and enjoying the great outdoors.  Which brings me to this - my new favourite quote.

Beauty comes from the inside out, but body and soul are nourished from the outdoors in.” 
 Isis for Women


Anonymous said...

if this was on fb i'd "like" it!

i have to say, dealing with a 6 to 9 time difference has meant much less time spent on fb and i like it. just one, or maybe 2 quick checks a day and i am done.

- kelly

Chris said...

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I don't do too much on facebook, but I enjoy hearing about my friend's young kids. But I also know that facebook is probably bad for me right now. I have thought about blocking everyone but family, but still would be tempted to change my news feed back.

Kristina said...

Exactly Chris! Rather than make more "who makes the cut" decisions I just shut it all down. Definitely an easier short term solution!

And thanks Kelly! We miss you!

Unknown said...
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Nicole Hammond said...

love the quote. glad you felt rejuvenated during your time away.