14 September 2011

Injury Report

The other day I was in a heated debate with someone about who was better at something...I can't remember what...and naturally I felt like I was superior, as I obviously AM at ALL things, but this person had the nerve to disagree with me! How dare they?

Well when it came down to it, they were right (and I was less right), however, we did reach the conclusion that I am certainly better at hurting myself than most people.

I would like to enter the below images into evidence (warning: these first photos are benign, but seriously don't scroll down if you are at all squeamish):

Exhibit A: Black eye, as caused by Whistler Mountain when I tried to punch it with my face:
24 hours later
About 7 days later
10 days later - so YELLOW!

Exhibit B: bloodied appendages as caused by run-in with Seattle SLUT Track on bicycle:
After cleanup, looking at the track that bit me
Leg injuries
Up close and personal (you should see the images I'm not posting)
A look at the hands and feet as they're healing.  The bruising was pretty intense!
3-weeks later.  The injury was still 'weeping' - aka oozing dirt out of it
Exhibit C: My first whipper!
Click on link above for full story
Verdict: At least I'm the best at something!

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