29 September 2011

I Love Bruises

It's no secret that I love bruises.  Bruises are like snowflakes, no two will ever be the same.  In my opinion, bruises are the only truly natural form of body art - a form of blood vessel expression, if you will.  Plus it's the best kind of battle wound becuase they are temporary (although some last longer than others).

In college I had a roommate who played woman's rugby.  One day she came home with ice on her leg, and within a week she had a bruise that ran the entire length of her thigh in the shape of a DUCK!  Awesome!  To this day that is the best bruise I have ever seen in person.  However, the Best Bruise Ever title goes to my friend Sarah. She majorly biffed it snowboarding and ended up with the United States of America on her hip/torso/side-region.  I'm not kidding, this thing looked like a map of the US.  But it was only a picture, so it wins the title of Best Bruise Photo Ever. 

Now to my point....I love bruises, but I had no idea they loved me back until I woke up one morning a few days ago and noticed this heart shaped gem on my thigh.  Awwe.  I guess bruises love me too <3

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