21 September 2011

Bozeman...or Boulder?

This September marks 9 years for me in Seattle.  I love it here - you have the many benefits of city life, yet you're very close to the mountains, the ocean, and many [at-times-really-inconveniently-located] lakes with lots of room to run, bike, frolic, and be merry.

However, I've always gone back and forth about whether or not this is home for me.  Next year will be 10 years, and it seems fitting that in the light of that looming anniversary I'm considering a relocation.  My recent obsession, as you may have deduced from this title, is Boulder, Colorado.  I've always loved Colorado (I grew up visiting my Gramma, Uncle, and Cousin in Denver) - it's big, vast, outdoorsy, and most important of all, it has FOUR SEASONS!  That's what I miss most in Seattle - I love snow.  I also love summer.  I feel like Seattle only really experiences spring, two-weeks of sunshine, and then the grey season.

I'm not doing anything serious yet (so settle down MOM!) but today I Googled Boulder, realising I had never actually taken much of a photographic look at this city I'm thinking a lot about lately.  And guess what?  It looks a lot like my hometown of Bozeman, Montana!

I just thought this was worth noting.  I do love Bozeman but am not ready to go back...so does that mean I would also love Boulder???  Road trip anyone????  I hear they have some good micro-brews in Boulder...just sayin'.


Allison Lee said...

Awesome Kristina! Follow your gut =) I'd road trip out there with you. And....I agree, where the F are the four seasons ? and I'm not talking about the hotel. Also, you told your MOM not to settle down, but you're going to have to calm ME down too. I don't want you to leave me!!! waaaaaa

Kristina said...

Oh geeze....settle down Allikeeno! I've been thinking about this...and we should ALL just move there! I'm confident that every single one of the peeps in our little The Group would *love* it there. We can all go, live on a commune, grow our own cabbage and stuff like that! Come' on - you know you want to!