29 September 2011

I Love Bruises

It's no secret that I love bruises.  Bruises are like snowflakes, no two will ever be the same.  In my opinion, bruises are the only truly natural form of body art - a form of blood vessel expression, if you will.  Plus it's the best kind of battle wound becuase they are temporary (although some last longer than others).

In college I had a roommate who played woman's rugby.  One day she came home with ice on her leg, and within a week she had a bruise that ran the entire length of her thigh in the shape of a DUCK!  Awesome!  To this day that is the best bruise I have ever seen in person.  However, the Best Bruise Ever title goes to my friend Sarah. She majorly biffed it snowboarding and ended up with the United States of America on her hip/torso/side-region.  I'm not kidding, this thing looked like a map of the US.  But it was only a picture, so it wins the title of Best Bruise Photo Ever. 

Now to my point....I love bruises, but I had no idea they loved me back until I woke up one morning a few days ago and noticed this heart shaped gem on my thigh.  Awwe.  I guess bruises love me too <3

26 September 2011


I'm stealing this quote from the lovely Melissa, but it's really worth sharing: 

To change your life: Start immediately, do it flamboyantly, no exceptions.” - William Jones

21 September 2011

Bozeman...or Boulder?

This September marks 9 years for me in Seattle.  I love it here - you have the many benefits of city life, yet you're very close to the mountains, the ocean, and many [at-times-really-inconveniently-located] lakes with lots of room to run, bike, frolic, and be merry.

However, I've always gone back and forth about whether or not this is home for me.  Next year will be 10 years, and it seems fitting that in the light of that looming anniversary I'm considering a relocation.  My recent obsession, as you may have deduced from this title, is Boulder, Colorado.  I've always loved Colorado (I grew up visiting my Gramma, Uncle, and Cousin in Denver) - it's big, vast, outdoorsy, and most important of all, it has FOUR SEASONS!  That's what I miss most in Seattle - I love snow.  I also love summer.  I feel like Seattle only really experiences spring, two-weeks of sunshine, and then the grey season.

I'm not doing anything serious yet (so settle down MOM!) but today I Googled Boulder, realising I had never actually taken much of a photographic look at this city I'm thinking a lot about lately.  And guess what?  It looks a lot like my hometown of Bozeman, Montana!

I just thought this was worth noting.  I do love Bozeman but am not ready to go back...so does that mean I would also love Boulder???  Road trip anyone????  I hear they have some good micro-brews in Boulder...just sayin'.

19 September 2011

Weight Watchers - A Success!

In March of 2010 I decided I wanted to make a change in my life. With the encouragement of my fantastic friend Ginger, I joined Weight Watchers. Now a year and a half later, I can truly call myself a success story! I was able to successfully lose, and keep off, 20lbs of unwanted 'life' that had been weighing me down. 

It's funny, the weight wasn't just physical, but psycological as well. Since reaching my goal weight almost exactly a year ago, I've run a half-marathon, jumped elbow first into climbing, and taken up a new sport with mixed-success (biking!). I also stopped watching TV - another life changing decision. Truly, I feel that I have 'found myself' - not to get all 'Holstee Manifesto' on you, but it really does feel good to do what you love and do it often.

So, without further ado, here are the embarassing yet motivating before and after pictures. A huge thank you again to all of you who supported me, and continue to support me, through this process...and frankly, through life! You rock.

Click image to 'enlarge' - ha, see what I did there?

14 September 2011

Injury Report

The other day I was in a heated debate with someone about who was better at something...I can't remember what...and naturally I felt like I was superior, as I obviously AM at ALL things, but this person had the nerve to disagree with me! How dare they?

Well when it came down to it, they were right (and I was less right), however, we did reach the conclusion that I am certainly better at hurting myself than most people.

I would like to enter the below images into evidence (warning: these first photos are benign, but seriously don't scroll down if you are at all squeamish):

Exhibit A: Black eye, as caused by Whistler Mountain when I tried to punch it with my face:
24 hours later
About 7 days later
10 days later - so YELLOW!

Exhibit B: bloodied appendages as caused by run-in with Seattle SLUT Track on bicycle:
After cleanup, looking at the track that bit me
Leg injuries
Up close and personal (you should see the images I'm not posting)
A look at the hands and feet as they're healing.  The bruising was pretty intense!
3-weeks later.  The injury was still 'weeping' - aka oozing dirt out of it
Exhibit C: My first whipper!
Click on link above for full story
Verdict: At least I'm the best at something!