06 May 2011

Random Homeless NZ Pics

I can't think of a specific 'theme' for these pictures, except that I want to share them with you, so in no particular order...here you go!

This was a cemetery in Queenstown near a very busy gondola.  Just open this picture and inspect it closely.  I felt bad laughing...but this had me cracking up!

At the top of the hill in Queenstown (I hiked and did not take the gondola, for the record) I saw this group of signs.  I just thought it was awesome that I was so much closer to the South Pole than I was to home (i.e. Vancouver).

Best. Avenue. EVER!
(Duders Ave has no exit...)

 I really love the Maori inspired art.  Especially their ornate and grandiose bums.

Kiwi's are serious about Litter

 This sign was on the side of a Wicked Van - a rental company in NZ that paints their vans in ridiculous ways, there's no hiding you're in a rental.  I've heard that theft in rentals is a big problem down there.

It's probably my favourite sign I saw down under, and there were LOTS of good ones.  Anything that cites the 8th Commandment is good by me. 

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Allison Lee said...

Here is another sign you might like. Read the fine print http://www.reallyfunnypictures.co.uk/funnysigns/pic17.php

and i love the dead slow live children sign. wth?