02 May 2011

Climbing Down Under

Everyone has asked me if I did some climbing while I was down under.  The short answer is yes, but the longer answer is 'no, not really'. 

With wide-eyes and a naive mind I trekked my helmet, harness, and shoes all around Australia and New Zealand.  I was able to use the helmet when I was Canyoneering in the Blue Mountains but sadly only used the harness/shoes once, at a free indoor climbing gym connected to the hostel in Turangi.

Here's proof!
Next time I'm planning either a climbing trip or a sight-seeing trip, but not both.  It was interesting to see the different rating systems though.  Apparently I am a less-good climber down under.  I'll blame it on being out of practise.  That or not being allowed to have my 'Lollie' while I was climbing...

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