09 May 2011

Last blog about funny signs, I *promise*

As I've said, the weather was not so good in NZ.  Only now am I realising that instead of taking pictures of scenery (becuase I couldn't see any scenery, as it was all covered in fog/rain/sleet/freezing-sheeting-winds-of-ic) I took pictures of noteworthy signs.  I promise, this is the last of them.

Apparently Beech Trees are killers

Tee Hee...'frosty'

Dead Slow.  Live Children.

I don't actually get this one...anyone care to explain?

I thought this one was sweet.  Drive safe this holiday season!

06 May 2011

Random Homeless NZ Pics

I can't think of a specific 'theme' for these pictures, except that I want to share them with you, so in no particular order...here you go!

This was a cemetery in Queenstown near a very busy gondola.  Just open this picture and inspect it closely.  I felt bad laughing...but this had me cracking up!

At the top of the hill in Queenstown (I hiked and did not take the gondola, for the record) I saw this group of signs.  I just thought it was awesome that I was so much closer to the South Pole than I was to home (i.e. Vancouver).

Best. Avenue. EVER!
(Duders Ave has no exit...)

 I really love the Maori inspired art.  Especially their ornate and grandiose bums.

Kiwi's are serious about Litter

 This sign was on the side of a Wicked Van - a rental company in NZ that paints their vans in ridiculous ways, there's no hiding you're in a rental.  I've heard that theft in rentals is a big problem down there.

It's probably my favourite sign I saw down under, and there were LOTS of good ones.  Anything that cites the 8th Commandment is good by me. 

02 May 2011

Climbing Down Under

Everyone has asked me if I did some climbing while I was down under.  The short answer is yes, but the longer answer is 'no, not really'. 

With wide-eyes and a naive mind I trekked my helmet, harness, and shoes all around Australia and New Zealand.  I was able to use the helmet when I was Canyoneering in the Blue Mountains but sadly only used the harness/shoes once, at a free indoor climbing gym connected to the hostel in Turangi.

Here's proof!
Next time I'm planning either a climbing trip or a sight-seeing trip, but not both.  It was interesting to see the different rating systems though.  Apparently I am a less-good climber down under.  I'll blame it on being out of practise.  That or not being allowed to have my 'Lollie' while I was climbing...