08 April 2011

Shopping? NZ's got you covered!

I didn't do much shopping down under, as I have a pretty strict don't-buy-crap-that-you'll-have-to-schlep-around-on-your-back rule, but that doesn't mean I didn't appreciate some of NZ's finest offerings.  I've already written about the amusing socks and you know from my highway signs post that Kiwi's are sometimes inadvertently hilarious, so these following signs should come as no surprise.

First, you've gotta be well prepared to handle any amount of stress you might endure while traveling.  Good thing there's a pill for that!

You might actually need some pills to stomach the idea of buying possum socks (although I must say I did some investigation and these were quite soft indeed - it's the newest 'rage' in textiles apparently!)

I love 'instructional' cothing

If you end up eating and drinking too much and 'outgrow' your clothes a bit don't worry, we've got you covered:

Not sure what you need?  That's no problem either!
Feeling fancy? Shop here.  
Buy these (ironically not sold at Madame Fancy Pants)
I have no comment for this one - I do find it amusing that the merchandise is called 'gear'

Don't have a place for all this new stuff you bought?  Buy a hippie sack!
Remember, all of this shopping can help out a good cause.  THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

And as with any activity, safety first!

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Michal said...

Hilarious. Did you bring home any new undies?