05 April 2011

New Zealand Road Signs

New Zealand is known for having AWESOME road signs. Part of what makes them so entertaining is that they are quite allusive.  I had heard of the "Merge like a Zip" sign long before my trip, and so I was SUPER excited to see it! I had almost given up hope when I FINALLY saw one on the north island.  Too bad my camera wasn't ready...but here's sort of what it looked like (minus the blue skies, since it was always raining on me).

Bikers (as in cyclists, not Harley riding noise polluters) will appreciate this one.  SHARE THE ROAD!
They seem pretty serious about speeding down under.  The max limit I saw was 100km/hr.  But as I said in my driving post...it's basically impossible to speed anyway.  But they still like to remind you that the only finishing post is a CROSS on your GRAVE!
 This one is my favourite.  Stay on the left if you want to LIVE!
 Don't forget kids - SAFETY FIRST!
The rain sort of ruined this picture...but I think the message is that if you drink, they'll test you! 
Okay, I lied, THIS ONE is my favourite.  All over the north island there were these 'owl' road signs.  The presence of the owl made a lot more sense after watching a Maori Performance and learning that the traditional Maori woman's face tattoo was that of an owl on her chin.  Women were seen as the protector of their tribes, and owl's are the protector of the forest.  But more on this later.  


Wilmer Geraci said...

The road signs in New Zealand sure are unique. I agree with your POV on the zipper one that roads should be shared to everyone. And it's kinda surprising to see the "Expect more testing" sign, although it's quite effective, especially if they're trying to reduce the numbers of drunk driving incidents.

Robert Gilims said...

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