27 April 2011

New Zealand Road Signs Part II

I already posted a blog about the funny road (expressway/highway specifically) signs from down under, but here are some more that I missed in my sorting! Apparently I really like to take pictures of signs.

Never underestimate the effectiveness of guilt

I already posted one to remind you to look for cyclists...here's another reminder that two-wheelers need to be able to share the road.

Getting sleeeeeeeeeepy?  PULL OVER!

Drink.  Drive.  DIE!

Awwe, here are those adorable owls again!  SO CUTE!

23 April 2011

Amusing ways to tell you 'NO!'

Like all places, there are certain things you aren't allowed to do in New Zealand.  More often than not, these signs are amusing to foreigners.  These are my faves:

This was the sign warning trekkers about the 'seriousness' of the hike they were about to embark upon. 'Stop. Are you really prepared to continue your alpine crossing trek?'

 Warning sign entering the Canyoneering area

 Eww!  Toxic sea slugs!  REALLY!?!?!?

I can't even begin to understand why this sign needs to be there...

This one broke my heart.  How could they???

21 April 2011

Baldwin Street - The World's STEEPEST!

On the day I visited Dunedin, a large-ish city toward the south-eastern tip of the South Island, the weather could not have been worse (sensing a theme yet?).  But that's what rain jackets are for, right?  I was going to see the World's Steepest (residential) Street and no bloody down under rain was going to stop me!

There are lots of signs so that you don't question that you are, in fact, at the world's steepest street.
 Open up this picture to read all about Baldwin Street.  Executive Summary Version: IT'S STEEP!
 From the bottom looking up
 The steepest spot.  Notice the rain water cascading down the street....
 At the top looking down.  It's a bit of a 'climb' to get up there!
That's a pretty massive bump to get to the bottom. Anyone want to go sledding?

08 April 2011

Shopping? NZ's got you covered!

I didn't do much shopping down under, as I have a pretty strict don't-buy-crap-that-you'll-have-to-schlep-around-on-your-back rule, but that doesn't mean I didn't appreciate some of NZ's finest offerings.  I've already written about the amusing socks and you know from my highway signs post that Kiwi's are sometimes inadvertently hilarious, so these following signs should come as no surprise.

First, you've gotta be well prepared to handle any amount of stress you might endure while traveling.  Good thing there's a pill for that!

You might actually need some pills to stomach the idea of buying possum socks (although I must say I did some investigation and these were quite soft indeed - it's the newest 'rage' in textiles apparently!)

I love 'instructional' cothing

If you end up eating and drinking too much and 'outgrow' your clothes a bit don't worry, we've got you covered:

Not sure what you need?  That's no problem either!
Feeling fancy? Shop here.  
Buy these (ironically not sold at Madame Fancy Pants)
I have no comment for this one - I do find it amusing that the merchandise is called 'gear'

Don't have a place for all this new stuff you bought?  Buy a hippie sack!
Remember, all of this shopping can help out a good cause.  THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

And as with any activity, safety first!

05 April 2011

New Zealand Road Signs

New Zealand is known for having AWESOME road signs. Part of what makes them so entertaining is that they are quite allusive.  I had heard of the "Merge like a Zip" sign long before my trip, and so I was SUPER excited to see it! I had almost given up hope when I FINALLY saw one on the north island.  Too bad my camera wasn't ready...but here's sort of what it looked like (minus the blue skies, since it was always raining on me).

Bikers (as in cyclists, not Harley riding noise polluters) will appreciate this one.  SHARE THE ROAD!
They seem pretty serious about speeding down under.  The max limit I saw was 100km/hr.  But as I said in my driving post...it's basically impossible to speed anyway.  But they still like to remind you that the only finishing post is a CROSS on your GRAVE!
 This one is my favourite.  Stay on the left if you want to LIVE!
 Don't forget kids - SAFETY FIRST!
The rain sort of ruined this picture...but I think the message is that if you drink, they'll test you! 
Okay, I lied, THIS ONE is my favourite.  All over the north island there were these 'owl' road signs.  The presence of the owl made a lot more sense after watching a Maori Performance and learning that the traditional Maori woman's face tattoo was that of an owl on her chin.  Women were seen as the protector of their tribes, and owl's are the protector of the forest.  But more on this later.