07 March 2011

New Look

Every year it seems like I go through this restless phase in March where I just don't feel settled.  I start to feel anxious and just want to be really productive - cross things off my to do list so to speak.  This year I'm overwhelmed by the desire to redecorate my apartment.  I want to get rid of the big TV and one of my couches and replace them with a big comfy chair and a flat screen TV.  I also want new light fixtures and more closet/shelving space for all of my gear!  If only money grew on trees.  *sigh*

Since I can't easily redecorate my physical life, I thought I'd start with my interweb life.  So I gave my blog a make-over!  Pretty flowers, soothing colours, wider layout.

Big shoutout to Brittany Alyse for posting this great pictureand to Picnik for helping me crop it! 

Whaddaya all think?

1 comment:

Michal said...

Love it! Bright and springy. :)