23 March 2011

Contemplating Travel Destinations

I want to take a trip somewhere 'beachy' in September.  I'm contemplating Belize or Croatia.  Anyone have thoughts or opinions on the matter?  Belize has caving....Croatia has climbing.  Both would be epic...


11 March 2011

Look right! Or was it left?

Driving wasn't the only amusing experience down under - walking could be difficult as well!  Traffic is generally coming from your right, so you have to remember to look right!  Good thing they have these handy signs to remind you!
Only every now and then you'd have a one-way street.  Then things got REALLY confusing.  Once again, good thing they reminded you!
Another thing to remember....we're really kind to pedestrians in the good ol' USofA.  Be careful Down Under...while they won't exactly run you over, they will try and scare you a bit!  And be sure to look out for zoo animals...or maybe this just means fresh paint?

07 March 2011

New Look

Every year it seems like I go through this restless phase in March where I just don't feel settled.  I start to feel anxious and just want to be really productive - cross things off my to do list so to speak.  This year I'm overwhelmed by the desire to redecorate my apartment.  I want to get rid of the big TV and one of my couches and replace them with a big comfy chair and a flat screen TV.  I also want new light fixtures and more closet/shelving space for all of my gear!  If only money grew on trees.  *sigh*

Since I can't easily redecorate my physical life, I thought I'd start with my interweb life.  So I gave my blog a make-over!  Pretty flowers, soothing colours, wider layout.

Big shoutout to Brittany Alyse for posting this great pictureand to Picnik for helping me crop it! 

Whaddaya all think?

02 March 2011

Fish Out Of Water

In Seattle, you can find random Pigs on Parade (artfully decorated statues of pigs) scattered throughout the city.  For a while, I didn't realise this was a 'thing', until I went to Vancouver last year and saw that they had Eagles on display throughout the city.

Apparently, this phenomenon extends far beyond North America as I found out in Rotorua, on the North Island of New Zealand.  Each summer, they have a fish exhibit, called Fish Out of Water.  I noticed the first fish in the Tourism Center, and then was able to find 4 out of 6 in just an afternoon.  Without even searching them out!