22 November 2010


It's snowing in Seattle, and I got so dang excited I just had to post a blog about it!  Seriously, look at these great pictures of Seattle's new snow blanket:
They're setting up a winter carosel in the plaza right outside of my office!
To celebrate the onslaught of what is bound to be an epic winter, I went snowshoeing with some friends yesterday.  We only drove an hour outside of Seattle to Snoqualmie Pass, but the snow level was astounding!  It was dumping over an inch an hour!
We weren't trekking for very long when one of the dogs in our group managed to snag a field mouse...with his MOUTH!  Luckily, Brad saved the day with a unforgettable face-first snow dive after the dog, and the mouse was set free.  Poor little guy looked so traumatized!  I would be too if I was almost eaten!
Here's a pic of me trying to be artistic...don't worry, I won't quit my day job.
So break out those (neon) long underwear peeps!  It's go time!
 p.s. Props for this blog title go to my new buddy Brian!  Thanks yo!

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