19 October 2010

Australia/New Zealand - I'm coming for you!

It's official, I booked my trip to NZ for this Christmas.  I'm leaving December 15 and flying round trip through Sydney.  I arrive early AM on the 17th, and leave around 11am on January 9th, and get back 30 minutes before I left!  Crazy time travel!

Anyway, for those of you good at math, you realise that leaves me with almost A MONTH.  I plan to fly directly down to NZ once I land, and head back up to finish my trip in Sydney.

So now I need your help!  I'm traveling alone, and would like to do some camping and climbing and experience general awesomeness while I'm there, but otherwise I don't really have any concrete plans.  Help me plan my trip!  Where should I go, what should I do, where should I stay????  Any and all tips are 100% welcome!

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Jere said...

Well I've never been to NZ but I have been to Sydney. While your there you should definatly do the Sydney harbor bridge climb. I felt it was well worth the cost and very fun. Sorry they won't let you rap off it :(