17 May 2010

Vancouver, Canada, Eh?

A few months ago, Ryan and I spent a long weekend in Vancouver, BC.  It's just so close, you gotta get up there every now and then, you know?  Now it's been 5-months and I've been remiss in posting these pictures, which Ryan so nicely took with his fancy-pants camera. Since I know you all don't read my blogs but rather skim for pretty pictures, here they are for your enjoyment/procrastination/perusal.  Plus, we were both pretty under the weather that weekend, so I don't have any amusing stories anyway:

Coffee anyone? Gotta go toTim Horton's
Photo Courtesy of Ryan Thurston
Skyline, just before the Olympics.  Actually standing right where the torch was!
Torch Area
Seattle does Pigs, Vancouver apparently has Eagles, 'cause that makes sense since it's AMERICA'S BIRD!
Granville Island, their equivalent to Pike's Place Market
I heart markets!
I love how artistically these are stacked!
Water taxi back to the other side
Looking back, too bad the weather wasn't better
I love all of the windows in Vancouver architecture
Waterfront by the hotel
I call this one "Olympic Barge"
Cool Buddah's.  Namaste.
Just hangin' out.  Literally.
Black n White

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