13 April 2009

21-Run Traditions

On April 5, 2009, my baby twin sisters turned the big 2-1! Legal drinking age - I can hardly believe it! Since I couldn't be there to help them ring it in properly and to pass along my sisterly advice, I scoured the Internet to try and find a how to guide to turning 21. There wasn't one, so I created my own!

Now I know this is technically a "travel blog" so then why post it here? Lets just say I had to travel back in time (ha! see what I did there?) to create this for them! Plus, it's my blog so I'll do what I want! Now, without further ado, here is the guide I created for Monica and Michele!
For My Dearest, Most Beloved Twin Sisters,

On this historic day, the Eve of your 21st Birthday, I am saddened that I am unable to be with you to impart my sisterly advice and see you get absolutely WASTED! Ha!

Since I can’t be there for your birthday, I want to pass along a few words of advice I received before my 21st Birthday. You can listen to me or not, but this will keep you puke free and out of the hangover zone!

I’m sure you aren’t new to drinking, but just in case, here are some pointers to get through the night vomit free:
•Eat a big meal!
------I know you want to look hot and skinny in your birthday outfit, but trust me, a big meal is essential to soaking up all that liquor. Try to have something with some pasta or bread, it will help!
•Drink TONS of water!
------Being dehydrated is the number one reason people get hangovers. Drink lots of water during the day before you go out, and try to have some water in between each drink….if people will let you!
•Don’t Mix and Match!
------Try to pick one “category” of alcohol for the night. For example, citrus drinks (ie Daiquiris and Margaritas) do NOT mix well in your stomach with milk based drinks (ie anything with Bailey’s Irish Crème). Sticking to one, and I suggest citrus, is the safe way to go.
•Remember the Rhymes!
------Beer then Liquor you’ve never been sicker, Liquor then beer you’re in the clear. DO NOT mix these up!
•End the Night with Water!
------If you are lucid enough at the end of the night, drink a few glasses of water before you go to bed. Maybe take an ibuprofen at the same time too.

Now, on to the fun stuff – TRADITIONS! Here are the traditional things you need to do on your 21st Birthday:
•Tell EVERYONE it’s your birthday! Wear a sign around your neck if you want! Bartenders will treat you to drinks on your 21st!
•Never, under ANY circumstance, but your own drink. It’s your birthday dammit!
------If someone buys you a drink, it is your obligation to drink it even if you don’t like it! You must try everything. Keep a glass of Diet Coke nearby as a chaser just in case, and don’t forget that WATER!
•In your purse, take a piece of paper and a pen (on my birthday, I did this on a envelope, so please feel free to use this card envelope). After each drink you have to write down the name of the drink, and sign your name next to it. You’ll be amazed what that paper looks like in the morning.

Here’s a list of my favorite drinks you may or may not have heard of. Please take that $21 enclosed and buy yourself a round on me!
•Lemon Drop Martini
------This is a GREAT way to start the night!
•Blow Job
------You have to do this one! And take it out of each other’s laps!
•Buttery Nipple
------Also a shot, very sweet, tastes like butterscotch.
•Washington Apple
------This can be a shot or a drink, it’s good either way!
•Red Headed Slut
------I think this one tastes a little spicy, if I remember correctly
•Blue Lagoon
------Made with blue Curacao, make sure to be aware it can turn your teeth blue in pictures
•Irish Car Bomb
------Because Guinness is delicious
------This will help perk you up if you are getting tired, because it’s got Red Bull
•Mind Eraser
------Maybe save this one for a day you won’t be drinking so heavily, but it’s a goodie!
•Liquid Cocaine
------Another one to maybe save.
Zambucca Vacuum
------They light this one on FIRE!

Have a VERY HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY! I’m really sorry I can’t be there. Take lots of pictures for me! And remember my sisterly advice, it will take you far!

Love you!

Kristina xoxoox

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