13 April 2009

Europa 2009!

Recently I've decided it is my life goal to travel internationally AT LEAST once a year. So far, my track record is: 2000 France & Italy, 2005 Japan, 2006 European Backpacking Tour, 2007/2008 Chile and Argentina, 2008 Toronto.

As you can see, there is nothing listed for 2009.... Yet! Thankfully Ryan knows someone who is going to help me do something about that!

In high school, Ryan did an exchange in Frankfurt and has since kept in touch with the family, and he's even been back to visit. Now, his host sister Christina (great name!) is getting married at the end of April and has invited us to attend! We are beyond excited, especially becuase we are going to tie as much in as we can. Here's the itinerary:

We fly direct from Seattle to Frankfurt on April 23rd and have three days to partake in the joyous wedding festivities. From Frankfurt, we are flying to Prague, where we'll spend three nights in a fabulous apartment which we found for CHEAP. Big shout out to MyLateRooms.com for hooking us up. Seriously, if you want an apartment in Europe that is a must see website! In Prague we plan to take in the sights and do a day trip to the Bone Museum. Creepy!
After our days in Prague, we're headed for one night in Berlin at the eclectic Artotel Berlin.

Hopefully we'll have time to enjoy the Berlin sights as well!

The next afternoon we're off to Copenhagen. We'll be staying in Lund, Sweden, with Christina's brother Tobi and his girlfriend Carolina. Lund is just north of Malmo, which is about an hour drive/train ride from Copenhagen. Lund will be our base and hopefully we'll spend a few days and maybe a night in Copenhagen.

We're both really excited! The timing is actually good too, since the economy is down it's a bit of a buyers market! Woot!

If you have any feedback or must-see suggestions for our trip, please let me know!



Anonymous said...
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Katie said...

Wow, Kristina! Sounds like quite the trip! I'm so excited for you! Have a great time and take TONS of pictures.

Michal said...

That sounds awesome! Jason says "I want to go somewhere international! No wait, I want to go somewhere international WITH KRISTINA." Those who travel together, stay together... ;)