12 August 2008

Drinking Uno in Sur America

Now happily back in Puerto Natales, Kristi treated us to a fabulous, pampered night at Hotel Indigo. Check out that Southern Latitude baby!

The architecture of the hotel was very eclectic. There was a lot of wasted space, with giant hallways crisscrossing and these super tall hanging chairs. Very cool vibe. We explored the hotel which had very comfy boutique style-rooms.
A great view of the sound out our window. Oh, and the rain-showers were especially fantastic. The artsy shots are courtesy of Adam. Did I mention the rooftop spa, complete with three outdoor pool/hot tubs, rooms for messages, a sauna, and beds for general lounging? Yeah, I could definitely live there. We relaxed for a while, then headed off to have a celebration of our own, seeing as it was New Years Eve and all. We had been experiencing family celebrations in El Calafete all week - complete with big family sheep roasts and raucous fireworks! We found ourselves some beer then sat down to enjoy what had become our South American Delicacy: PIZZA!! I ate the whole thing. Don't judge me.

Back at the hotel we enjoyed a rousing game of Drinking Uno, with the basic premise being that every time you have to draw, you also have to drink. The one flaw with our near perfect plan, however, was that we were playing with VINO. Note to self, in future games of Drinking Uno, perhaps it would be better to play with, say, beer, or even better, Wine Coolers. Needless to say, this was not a long game. I don't think we even made it to Midnight.... We were VERY glad to have breakfast provided in the morning. That's right Adam, drink your coffee... We filled our bellies {and quelled our hangovers (not me though, I was smart and drank plenty of aqua with my vino)} and then hopped on a bus for the two hour ride to the airport.

Alas, it was time for me to leave my three companieros and fly home; meanwhile they got to tool around for another 10 days. It was a bittersweet goodbye, mostly bitter actually, but as Karma always has a way of righting things, I saw this volcano erupting from the airplane!!!! Coool! So thus I concluded my adventure in Patagonia. The experience could certainly be described as awesomely challenging, fantastically beautiful, and truly epic.

I'll leave you all with pictures of the adorable penguins I didn't have a chance to personally meet....oh well, guess that means I'll be back!