16 January 2008

Patagonia: Itinerary

Hi Everyone,

Here's a quick background on the trip:

On December 19th I left to travel through southern Chile and Argentina with three friends for two weeks. It was my first Christmas away from home (*sniff*) but there couldn't have been a better alternative. We flew into Punta Arenas, Chile, which is the biggest city , the furthest South. We had a few days to explore before heading up to Puerto Natalas to meet the fourth person in the group: Adam, who was already in South America participating in the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).

We had one night Puerto Natales then began our five day camping/hiking trek through Torres del Paine National Park. TdP is the heart of Patagonia and is home to some of the most impressive mountain spires in the region. It was also summer time and, along with the hole in the ozone layer, we anticipated wearing a lot of SPF 50.

After five days of roughing it, we had two nights in a hostel then hopped on a bus (6 hours!) to El Calafate, Argentina. There we camped in a family's backyard for 3 nights and did a day trip into Los Glaciers National Park to see the Perito Moreno Glacier. This is the biggest glacier in Patagonia, and only one of three in the region that is not retreating. The walls of sheer ice tower 180 feet above the water level and it was spectacular!

Then it was back to Puerto Natales to celebrate New Years, and I flew home on New Years Day, while my companions stuck around for 10 more days of climbing.

Stay tuned for more posts: next time with pictures!

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Johnathan Ivan said...

I've got this bookmarked and I want to see many many updates. Maybe I'll even get a blog post when I visit and we do something cool.